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At Indicus Software solution we are proud of our high quality standards. These standards allow us to provide our customers with reliable and error-free software applications, regardless of complexity. Our top-notch developers use the latest software methodologies and technologies. This means that they can concentrate on our clients' business goals and keep them involved in every stage through the entire project. Our meticulous approach has helped us build our excellent track record with no failed or aborted projects.Well defined and customer centric quality processes & systems.Have a winning strategy in place and it’s got us this far already.Highly motivated management team closely supports our highly skilled software professionals.Value systems which brings in professional ethics, respect individual contribution & appreciate teamwork higher. Technical expertise on current technologies and state of the art infrastructure. We are dedicated to the success of our customers. Get you up and running on the right business solution with rapid deployment and minimal disruption to your business. Improve your manufacturing processes and help you grow your business. Leverage the best practices of users like you who are successful. Become part of the extended Exact community of users locally and beyond.


Indicus Software Solution wants to be a dependable world-class organization. We shall foster the spirit of entrepreneurship within the organization through individual development. Our endeavor is to provide our national and international customers with competitive Information Technology solutions. We shall achieve this Quality Service by comprehending their needs through close interaction and by creating a global network.


We see ourselves as the world’s leading Information Technology company providing quality solutions backed up by unbeatable customer service. As a committed team we shall strive for Being a trustworthy, customer oriented organization An open and warm environment where everyone is respected, listened to and encouraged to excel Actively creating and exploring opportunity for the growth of our customers and our organization

Global Vision

No IT product has physical boundaries and geographical restrictions when it comes to implementation. All our senior professionals and architects carry a global vision and foresight into ever evolving and challenging cross-border IT implementations. All our products come with future proof deliveries and the possibility of your business’s expansion into new areas & markets globally.